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Projects for 2021

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Project Number EasyChair Number Title
1 2 Improve BioHackrXiv
2 4 Boolean Knowledge Graphs to Federate Population-Level Genomic, Imaging and Phenotypic Data
3 5 Using MATLAB for BioHackathon
4 6 Highlight your data management tools assembly in the RDMKit!
5 7 From FAIR plant research data capture to integration based on MIAPPE, ISA, and knowledge graphs
6 8 FAIR lipids
7 11 Develop your quantum bioinformatics applications today with Quantum Learning Machine
8 12 Executing workflows in the cloud with WESkit
9 13 Defining a step-by-step protocol to create learning paths
10 15 Development of training modules for Gallantries
11 16 Improve FAIR sharing for workflow systems using WorkflowHub and RO-Crate
12 19 Join the dots: Making sense out of biodiversity data with a human focus
13 20 Integration of visualisation tools for disease mechanisms and their annotations
14 21 Nightingale – modular web components for visualisation of biological data
15 22 CAB2: A step towards Biodiversity data enrichment
16 24 Wine (Ontology) Tasting: testing technicality in practicality for the food industry
17 26 Beacon prototype implementation of electronic health data
18 32 DS Wizard meets DAISY: a romance solving data protection requirements in data management planning
19 33 Distributing macromolecular models using the 3D-Beacons network
20 35 Automating and interconnecting the ELIXIR Software Management Plan
21 37 Handling Knowledge graphs subsets
22 38 Making bio.tools Fit for Workflows
23 39 Improve Sapporo's interoperability with the implementation of Workflow Execution Service of Elixir and beyond
24 40 Adapting and integrating RO-Crate for packaging research outputs and their metadata
25 42 Making training materials FAIR: developing a lesson and a tool to assess FAIRness of training materials
26 43 Ranking Algorithm for Dataset Search Platforms
27 46 MOWL: A library for Machine Learning with Ontologies
28 47 Extending SCHeMa functionalities
29 48 Facilitating life science metadata curation through Bioschemas Validators
30 49 Federated Learning and Machine Learning to power integrated diagnostics of breast cancer
31 50 Application of genome graph for standard representation of structural variations in RDF
32 56 Connecting ELIXIR-related open data on Wikidata via WikiProject ELIXIR
33 57 Implementation, testing and training on reference genome assembly pipelines for the eukaryotic tree of life
34 59 Galaxy training resources for CNVs detection software
35 61 FAIRX: Quantitative bias assessment in ELIXIR biomedical data resources
36 63 Mapping GA4GH Phenopackets and OHDSI OMOP for COVID-19 disease epidemics and analytics
37 66 Support for the Common Workflow Language version 1.2 in Galaxy
38 67 Single Cell Multi-Omics Analysis
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